OU is a mysterious adventure game with a handmade feel, featuring a hand-drawn world that looks as if you've wandered into a picture book and warm, live music, including guitar.

In this mysterious world of Ukronia, you will encounter various beings, solve mysteries, and sometimes face off against the monsters that chase you. ......

Depending on the actions you choose, various outcomes and developments await you.

And when you learn the truth that lies ahead, a "spell" may be cast on you.


The place is U-chronia, a hazy world that lives in hazy memories of the distant past.
OU, a young boy, wakes up in a dried up riverbed without any memories of his own.
He meets Zarry, an opossum with a flaming tail, who guides him on a journey to find out his story.

The Saudage Specter, who haunts the boy;
Gemini, who looks just like him;
The Weeping Woman "La Llorona", who leads him to tragedy.
All of them are there to change the Story and how it will end.

A pen-drawn world reminiscent of the illustrations in children's literature, accompanied by music for guitar and other instruments ripe with nostalgia for an old hometown.
This is the background where the Story, a story meant for someone, unfolds.

Just like a Michael Ende book, "OU" disguises itself as something else?an adventure game?to meet and interact with reality.
OU is also a challenge?a challenge to games as a whole.

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What are sticky notes?

Sticky notes

The only tool that OU can use. It is a "sticky note".
Sticky notes can be used to mark places of interest, and also to obtain related information.


A label can also be thrown.
You may be able to find something hidden by hitting the sticky notes.


There are also sticky notes with special powers.
OU will use these sticky notes to advance the story.


Many sticky notes are hidden in U-chronia.
You can search for them and enjoy collecting them.
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