2023.01.23 "About Games" was updated.
2022.12.27 Added Movie to Gallery
2022.12.12 Staff and Gallery were updated.
2022.11.11 OU will exhibit at Digital Games Expo 2022 (November 13)
2022.11.10 "OU" was selected as Indie X Online 2022's 50 Finalists
2022.11.08 "OU" appeared in "Indie X" streaming session
2022.11.07 "OU" will be exhibited at "2022 WePlay Expo 2022"
2022.10.11 "About Games" was updated.
2022.09.12 Announcement of the winners of the sticky notes Design Contest
2022.08.15 "About Games" was updated.
2022.07.30 "OU" will be exhibited in the Japan Pavilion at "gamescom 2022"
2022.07.30 OU was exhibited at asobu Indie Showcase 2022
2022.07.29 sticky notes Design Contest will be held.
2022.07.29 Press Kit has been updated.
2022.07.29 "OU" will be exhibited at "Bitsummit X-road" on 8/6-8/7.
2022.07.19 Added Movie to Gallery
2022.07.14 OU was exhibited at SAVE&SOUND.
2022.07.04 Added illustrations to Gallery
2022.06.11 OU was exhibited at Future of Play Direct.
2022.05.23 Added illustrations to Gallery
2022.05.22 OU was exhibited at INDIE Live Expo 2022.
2022.04.18 Added illustrations to Gallery
2022.03.07 Added illustrations to Gallery
2021.11.06 Added videos to Gallery
2021.11.06 OU was exhibited at INDIE Live Expo Winter 2021.
2021.11.05 Renewal of the site.
2021.09.17 We have decided to exhibit OU at Digital Games Expo 2021 (November 14).
2021.09.01 OU was exhibited at asobu Indie Showcase 2021
2021.06.05 OU was exhibited at INDIE Live Expo 2021.
2021.06.05 Videos "OU introduction video" and "Development video" were released.
2021.04.05 Teaser site was opened.
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